Here is a list of the different techniques and modalities we can offer your dog.  We focus on pain relief, strengthening, and conditioning. We can design a therapy plan using any one of these therapies or a combination of these techniques that best suites your dog’s condition and your goals.

ACOUSTIC COMPRESSION THERAPY                                                                                              Using Piezo Electric technology, this new machine offers pain relief and enhances healing for musculoskeletal conditions both chronic and acute. Conditions such as osteoarthritis, tendinitis, and myofascial trigger points can be treated successfully.  No sedation necessary. The therapeutic effects include: alleviation of pain, muscle relaxation, improved blood supply, stimulation of tissue.

SPINAL MANIPULATION (AKA CHIROPRACTIC)                                                                           Spinal manipulation manually restores function and mobility to the spine and limbs, thereby improving patient mobility, comfort and nervous system function. A key component to spinal manipulation is that is optimizes the inherent recuperative powers of the body.

ACUPUNCTURE                                                                                                                                      Using sterile stainless steel filiform needles specific sites are targeted to reduce inflammation, normalizes circulation, inhibits sensory afferent transmission (pain reduction), and stimulate nerve activity.

PHYSIOTHERAPY                                                                                                                         Using a variety of techniques including joint mobilizations, soft tissue mobilizations, range of motion exercises and therapeutic massage – together they stretch the  joint capsule, enhance joint lubrication, promote normal joint mechanics, stimulates circulation, realigns collagen fibers, breaks up adhesions and increases fiber elasticity, enhances joint movement and improves muscle flexibility.

THERAPEUTIC EXERCISES (Gym Work)                                                                                          We provide exercises and techniques to improve strength, range of motion, proprioception and core stability.

CLASS IV THERAPEUTIC LASER                                                                                                     The cold laser aids in accelerating tissue repair and decreasing inflammation.

HYDROTHERAPY                                                                                                                            Hydrotherapy offers benefit to dogs of all ages and body conditions. Young and healthy dogs can use the underwater treadmill for strength, conditioning, or even as an energy outlet. Recovering surgery patients use the underwater treadmill to regain muscle mass and improvement recovery. Senior dogs benefit from the warm water and hydrostatic pressure, walking in the underwater treadmill helps to maintain healthy joints and range of motion.